Traveling inside the city

From the airport

From Caselle the centre of the city can be easily reached by public transportation and/or taxi.

The Caselle train shuttle leaves from the airport every 30 minutes and arrives at Dora train station in 19 minutes.

Underground and buses

There is an underground railway line which connects different parts of the city. 

All the parts of the town are fully linked by tram and busses lines. Visit the GTT website for journey planning, maps, and timetables.


White taxis can be found in the city ranks or through radio taxi service (PRONTO TAXI: +39 011 5737 RADIO TAXI: +39 011 5730 - +39 011 3399).

Prices shown on the meter, extra charges for luggage and night service. The trip from the airport to the city centre costs approximately 30 €.

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